Standard, Active & Folding Manual Wheelchairs

Here you can view our manual wheelchair range.  From our standard steel folding transit or self propelled wheelchairs which start from $299 to our ultra-lightweight aluminium or carbon fiber active folding or rigid wheelchairs which start from $2500. Here you will find high-quality European or North American manufactured wheelchair models, designed to be efficient and long lasting.

Choose from our lightweight carbon fibre or aluminium wheelchairs that offer value-for-money without compromising on quality. If you purchase a performance wheelchair from us, it will be built to fit you. It will be adjusted perfectly when we deliver (or you pickup from us).

We also provide a range of paediatric/children’s wheelchairs, wheelchair cushion seating solutions and backrests. As well as bariatric wheelchairs. All models are designed with the user in mind and are high-quality. With FREE delivery in the UAE. Wheelchairs are delivered to you setup and ready to go. If you require a wheelchair, feel free to contact us for an assessment or a demo: contact us for an assessment.

Our Standard wheelchairs start from just $299!

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